We pack and deliver like UPS trucks

I'm a bit pissed off. See, I'm expecting a package from forever21. For some reason they deliver with UPS. I had no idea about this, so naturally I was not home when they tried to deliver it the first time (I wasn't even in the country actually). So when I got the note that they had tried to deliver but failed, I went to the UPS website and changed so that they would come on friday (tomorrow, then), because I could stay home. But still they came today trying to deliver and of course no one was bloody home. Fucking idiotic. Why can't they send the bloody package in the regualr mail like all other places? Fuck this. Fuck fuck fuck. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. If not I'm gonna freak out. I hate this kind of stuff. When it could be so easy, but it's just not.

I have to start on a sketch of one of the rooms in my house today. It's an assignment from the course I'm taking now. I need to get it done tomorrow so I can copy it at school before the weekend. It's due monday. The plan is to do the plan sketch today, and the perspective sketch tomorrow. It's not hard, really, just tiring. And I have to take messurements. Blergh.

Anyway, we built models of a room in scale 1:50 today. It was fun!


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Maaawe, I feel sorry for you, hope that idiot can fix it for you soon :3

2012-01-26 @ 19:05:05

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