Outfit credits: H&M dress, Cubus leather imitation vest, Ellos boots, Gina Tricot choker (originally a upper arm bracelet), 80's purple sunglasses (ebay synthetic green highlights).
Photos from yesterday. They really don't do the highlights justice though. And feel very free to ignore my awful roots. I'm gonna dye them in maybe three weeks or so, for when we go to Mallorca, because I really don't think my hair-angsty self will be able to handle sun bleached blonde roots.
Awful day at work. Really exhausting. I'd probably die if I didn't have tomorrow off. Sara works tomorrow, though, and her days sucked as much (if not more) than mine, so she probably will.
I miss my regular life, when I lay around, do nothing, eat, sleep, watch TV-shows and sometimes go to school or shopping or take photos of myself. Only two more weeks of this really odd time in the summer where I have a real job that's really not how I wanna spend my life.


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