Black Sheep

I think I look kinda like that goth girl, that there's one of in like every film, TV-show or commercial, that is kinda the black sheep in the crowd or the family. You know, the stereotypical one they add so that all kinds of people will be represented and be able to relate. Highlights and studded chokers just really give me that vibe. But I like it. Well, really, I like it on me, and in the real world, but not very much on those TV-characters, because they're just clisché-ish, and probably styled by someone who has no idea what they're doing..
Wow, this turned into a rant. This is my look these days anyway, when I'm not at work. Now I'm gonna go and make blonde highlights in Lovisa's hair. Talk to you later (or tomorrow...).
(To prove my point. This is from Dead Like Me. Jewel Staite is also a main character in Firefly, so this is extra cool.)


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Postat av: Marta Mastrobuono

i personally like your look. cheers

Svar: Thanks, me too!
Malin Z

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