California Dreaming

Outfit credits: Only net top, Romwe bikini top, Acne denim shorts, Lindex sunglasses.
Four more workdays left. California Dreaming by Mamas and the Papas feels like a pretty accurate description of my current life. Except for the weather at the moment being quite nice here, that I already have a job and that I'm leaving for the sun in 1,5 weeks.
Nothing else is new. Still angry at my roots and hating the brown shade I'm currently (not) rocking. I need dye and a haircut.
Gonna watch Castle now. I've had a break from it for a couple of weeks, watching Dead Like Me and some films instead, but I've been having Stana-cravings since yesterday, so there we go again.
Talk to you soon again, and I love you guys for sticking with me during my summer drought!
ps. I don't know if I told you this, but the reason I'm so exhausted all the time is that my work hours are 7.00-14.30 (sometimes longer), and I work with elderly care, so it's a pretty physical job. ds.


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