Despite the temptation of going to sleep the second I came home from work, I put in my extensions and cut in my green highlights I got yesterday. I am very pleased and it feels very 90's sci-fi grunge (think Firefly), which is basically my inspiration these days.
Everything is green these days. Green or neon yellow. You can probably feel the theme, looking at my recent pictures.
I only have a total of ten days left at work. I'm feeling a bit angsty that I haven't worked enough hours, and I won't be payed as much as I'd like. I don't work any weekends this year, which kinda sucks, because they pay better. And I can't really take more work on weekends because then I'll have no free days (and I NEED my free days). Not really much to do, is there? Maybe I can work sunday, if they need manpower. Have to ask. And maybe the sunday after my temp post ends. Have to talk to them tomorrow. Blah.


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