How can we win when fools can be kings?

Outfit credits: Ebay/DIY crop top, Monki shorts, Indiska necklace, vintage backpack, borrowed belt, BikBok socks, Ebay creepers, sunglasses from random shop in London.
I'm sorry, guys that my update sucks when I'm at work. But there's not really much to blog about. I don't do anything other than work, and my work outfits are not exactly fashionable. I'm gonna keep doing my best to have nice outfit posts for you on the days I'm free (like today). I'm off for four days this weekend (fri thru mon), 'cause we're going to Gothenburg to watch Lovisa compete in the World Youth Games in track and field.
I'm really into lime green at the moment. I adore this top. I had gotten it into my head that I had ordered a turquoise one, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and it was very bright green without a hint of blue. It was only $3,69 of Ebay, and I cut it of myself. I'm also planning on a serious lime green dip dye when I can afford a whole head of new extensions. Contemplating just buying some pieces and make high lights in the meanwhile. I think I have green dye at home already. And I would DIE for a lime green dress. Or a silver sequin dress, which is another garment that I can't get of my mind.
ANYWAY. I'm going with my dad and sisters to play badminton in a short while. I hope I don't suck.


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