Maybe time doesn't know where you are?

Remember these? Probably not. If you do then +++ points to you because you've been on my blog since 2009. These are all from that year, from just before I moved my blog to the platform I'm on now. I remember changing because it was easier for me to layout my blog here, because the access to the HTML and CSS was simpler. I still keep my old blogs, so I can go back and look at the pictures. I was gonna say I haven't changed that much, that I just dyed my hair, changed it's style, gained a couple of pounds, got a few tattoos and pretty much changed my entire personal style, then I realised that that's pretty much changing everything.
I've always been torn between thinking that people can't change and that they do. I can't decide whether I have changed since I was the tiny, pale fifteen year old girl (not these photo's, guys, I'm seventeen in these) with synthetic dreads on her pony tails and theatre make up on her face because she didn't know any better. I like to think that I'm basically the same, that I have simply envolved and figured myself out. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. That the word "change" is misused when it comes to personalities. You don't change who you are like you can change the channel on the TV or the shirt you're wearing. Born this way, if you wanna go there (which I always do). You change your exterior to fit your personality, because you're stuck with that just the way it is.
And no, I don't miss being blonde. I would practically rather die than be blonde again. I was gonna write that I rather shave my head, but then I realised that wasn't true, because I would have to LIVE with that, and I REALLY don't think I have the head shape to pull it off. I only ever miss being able to dye my hair in whichever colour that struck my fancy. But that's a scrafice I am willing to make.


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