Never Be The Same

Outfit credits: Asos TBA dress, Monki blue gem stone necklace, Ebay eye necklace, H&M heart necklace, vintage bag, Sunglasses from souvenir shop in London.
I've had this dress a couple of weeks, but forgotten to show it to you. It's so perfect I'm either gonna marry it of get married in it. And guess what? It was only 46SEK (shipping included). Second hand of course. It had sleaves, but they weren't working for me, so I cut them of. But the greatest thing about it is that it's a good length. Imagine if it had been to long, with that embrodery, I wouldn't have been able to shorten it! Lucky lucky me!
SO. I'm free! Or, maybe, not really, I have one more day of work, tomorrow, but that's extra. My temp is over. Don't get me wrong, my job is pretty great most of the time, and I love the people I work with, but this last couple of weeks have been sooo tiring. There's been a lot going on (at work) and lots of grumpy people, which really sucks the spirit out of you after a while. It's funny how a lot of people complain about how the youth today is pretty rude, but they would be amazed by how rude the elderly can be to young people. But it's like Dalton says in Road House (yes, I've seen it, don't judge me): Be nice, even if they're giving you all kinds of shit.
ANYHOW, I've got all next week of at home, to just catch up with cleaning and friends, that I've been neglecting the past five weeks. I'm seeing Sanna for the first time in AGES on thursday, and hopefully I'll be able to take the time to meet up with some other peeps as well. Then, on sunday next week, I'm going to Mallorca. 
AAAAND I've finally dyed my roots and... cut my own hair back into a bob (dun dun dun). By myself, on myself, in front of a mirror. It turned out all right, though I was a bit worried I was gonna mess it up. I cut my edges myself all the time when I had long(er) hair, but I haven't dared since I cut it short, into a proper hairstyle. Before today. I really needed it, it's been so worn since I did the dip dye and then dyed it back. Lots of hair had been broken of, so the bob hair style was pretty much gone. But now it's back, and it's really nice. Just needs a hair pack with pink/purple tones to take out the greenish shades that somtimes comes with my regular hair dye (Garnier Nordic Essentials 3.0 dark brown, which really is GREAT). And naturally this means a temporary break from extensions. Only temporary!
You can tell I haven't been blogging properly for a while, huh? I've got so much to write about! Hopefully it'll be back to normal for at least the whole of next week. Then I don't know about Mallorca, but if I'm lucky there's some kind of wifi I can use!
This took much longer than I thought, haha. Gotta go do other stuff now, CHEERIO!


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