Once upon a time...

... There was a girl who felt like watching Dirty Dancing. So she did. And once she had, she still felt like watching Dirty Dancing, but didn't want to do it again. So there she was, not knowing what to do. This is the story of my life.
I know I said I was gonna put a nice real post together for you today, but my mum forced me to come along to the beach, and now I've burnt my face, legs and chest, because apparently I'mm too cool for sunscreen. It doesn't hurt, but it's reddish and not nice at all.
I am also having hair angst due to my roots, that are about an inch now. I'll be getting hair dye by the end of the week to finally rid myself of them and the awful brown shade my hair currently has. It's sort of golden chocolate and I dislike it very mucho. I want dark dark brown, almost black.
And at last know that I apologize a lot, but I don't feel I can say it enough, how sorry I am about all the effort I am NOT putting into my blog while I'm working. I wanna blog, I wanna post nice outfits and other inspiring things, but I just don't have any time, nor willpower. But it's just this one last week left, then I'm free.
(Old photo from a very good hair day, btw.)


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