Super Massive

Outfit credits: Gina tricot leotard, leather imitation shorts, hair piece and body jewelry cross thingy, H&M boots, DIY cross necklace, vintage sweater.
Sorry you guys, I was gonna update when I was away from my phone, but it wouldn't do as it was supposed to so I couldn't. Even more annoying is that there was free wifi on the hotel so I could have brought my laptop...
I've been in Gothenburg. It was sort of a vacation, but not really 'cause there was no resting and just being lazy. But it was nice. We had good weather and did some fun stuff when we weren't on the arena where the competition was (Ullevi). I got a new pair of super nice denim shorts from Acne (!!!) and a white maxi skirt from  my mom. Maybe I'll show you when I've finished distressing (can you say that?) the shorts.
I'm working tomorrow, so I'm going to shower now, then go to bed early, so night!


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