Outfit credits: Vintage puple sweater, Vero Moda crop top, vintage skirt, Shock studded choker, Warp sneakers (stadium), Lindex sunglasses. No clue about the knee socks.
I got these purple and mint sneakers today, on sale at Stadium, and I really like them. . For you international readers: Stadium is a sports store. I usually don't like to go in there, because sporty clothes really aren't my thing (funny how Sporty Spice always was my fav Spice Girl, though), but Sara always wants to go and sometimes I have to tag along. But today I found these, so I don't mind all that much. I like the vans-style, and the colour combo very much.
And yes, my scalp is purple, because I did a pack with purple hair dye just before this, so my hair is slightly purple + I have stains on my scalp. It's all gonna wash away in a couple of days. At least all the green is gone.
Today was the last day of work. I'm taking Lovisa shopping tomorrow, and heading into the office to drop of the stuff I borrowed and pick up some things iÍ left/forgot there. Then I'll be properly free.


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