Dip Dye

I did a pastel pink dip dye on Lovisa the other day. It ended up very light (it's even lighter irl) because she was being a chicken about it when we were gonna do it. Anyway, it turned out real pretty and the shade really suits her. This was the first time ever she dyed her hair, and I'm a bit proud that it was in pink. I dyed my hair for the first time when I was twelve, but it was only with a copper red shade (I had almost the same hair colour as Lovisa does now). But I was also fourteen (Lovisa is fourteen) when I did pink high lights for the first time with Stargazer Shocking Pink. For this though, I used Directions Caranation Pink and shitloads of condiditoner. We're probably gonna do it a bit darker next week, though.

I prefer Directions over Stargazer (which are the only two that are available in store where I live) because I think it's easier to work with the cans and I like their shades better. I have never tried Manic Panic, because it's harder to get hold of here and more it's expensive. Have any of you tried Manic Panic? Is it better? Does it last longer? I would like to know, because it could be sort of a waste to order it and then find out I could just as well have used Directions.


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