I met up with Cicci after work yesterday for the first time since (going back in the archive to check) March. She has her red hair back (crazy thing with an idiot hair dresser that kinda ruined her gorgeous hair, it's a long story), and it's real pretty. She bought me a smoothie (because I'm poor) and took some photos of me/us. I honestly don't know what's up with my face on any of them, other than me not being able to pose for other people's photos, but I think for someone who's been up since before 6AM, worked all day and is wearing no make-up in the boiling sun, I am looking pretty fab (allthough, they're probably edited). And my hair looks far better than I thought it would after doing it in the bathroom at work (except for that I should have combed it before that last picture).
I'm having today off, and I'm going into town this afternoon to meet Malvina. Then I'm working again tomorrow, and am free on Sunday, work monday+tuesday, free wednesday, work thursday, and then free until tuesday next week. The thing about my job is that we sometimes have the most random schedules.
Gotta go get ready know, ttul.


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