Sara's Graduation

I am SOOO sorry for not updating for a couple of days, but yesterday was my oldest younger sister's graduation from secondary school. I don't remember what I wrote about it when I graduated, but for you non-Swedish readers who might not been around then (two years ago), there's all whole tradition of things you do on graduation day here in Sweden, which usually ends with a party for family and not-also-graduating friends. In our case that party took place in our home. So the past days up until now has basically been me running about in a tracksuit, cleaning. As you know we live in, not one, but TWO houses, and all needed to be completely dust-and-dirt free. And since my sisters were in school, dad at work, and even though my mum had taken a few days off, she was cooking, which only left me, you can imagine I've been pretty busy.

I was gonna take an outfit photo of what I was wearing at the party, but I didn't have time. But look at how pretty Sara was (in a dress from Odd Molly)! I will never get over how much we don't look alike. She's all tall (at least 15cm taller than me), and tan and blonde and athletic, and I'm, like, non of that. And look at my dad, all cool in a bow tie. I approve.

Anyway, all the cleaning was worth it, it was a nice graduation party, and everything is shiny and clean now (at least in my house).

Have I told you guys, by the way, that Sara has qualified to the U21 European Championships in Taekwondo, and has taken her Black belt as well! I am so proud of her!

Now I need to go shower, so that my hair dries sometime today, because my cousin graduates today, so we're going to his party tonight. Cheerio!

Btw, Sara, you're gonna get a late graduation gift from me, either early next week or after you come home from Greece, depending on when it arrives! Just so you know!


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