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H&M dress, jacket, tights and sunglasses, Urban Outitters (Deena and Ozzy) heels and Stradivarious necklace.

I've been wondering when someone was gonna tell me I look like Jessie J ever since I dyed my hair back to one colour. Yesterday was the day. It took five days, in which I only actually left the house twice. Now, I know I don't actually look like her, I just have the hairstyle that used to be sort of her trademark. I don't care, I don't really listen to Jessie J, but I guess she's pretty cool.

Thinking about what to do with my day. Maybe take some photos or something. Go grocery shopping? I even need to get to town to get some refill on hairproducts. I'm almost out of heat protection, and I need to ba able to flatten my hair. Unfortunately, I don't have a bus card atm, and my usual meet-up-last-minute-shopping-partner Malvina has gone back to her hometown over summer, so I'm on my own. So I'm probably gonna have to make Lovisa go with me before taekwondo on Monday or something. Isn't life just so complicated? (no, not really)


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Postat av: Malvina

I feel ya bro! :/

Hate those everyday problems!!! ;P

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