Today's outfit: New Look military vest, Gina Tricot black denim Jacket, Monki midi dress, Ebay creepers, fringe bag and eye necklace, tringle necklace, DIY ying&yang necklace, beanie was found lying around at home.
I totally felt like Alt-Livia Dunham today in that hair+vest. And then with a FRINGE bag, haha. See what I did there? Hope you did, for your own sake.
It was pouring down, but then it stopped just as I was going out, and then all of a sudden it was super sunny and I had to take my jacket off. Anyway, I had cheesecake and coffee with Malvina at our favourite café. Her treat, because I'm kinda broke this month. I'm gonna buy her lots of cheesecake when I get payed from work, because I owe her at least three pieces.
BUT being practically broke (not really, but I have very little money this month) didn't stop me from buying tickets to go see Muse live in December with Malvina and Sara. So that's nice. Gonna be awesome. And Malvina is going with me to Lady Gaga in Copenhagen as well. 
I know you all think Malvina is just my imaginary friend because she's never in any pictures, but I assure you she is very real and I do have a picture of her that will be posted at some point!
Going to bed soon, work tomorrow. Sleep tight!


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Postat av: Malvina

I can ensure your readers that I am real by leaving this stupid comment! ;) :P

This fall will be awesome!

Svar: SEE EVERYONE! SHE'S REAL! (unless I'm faking all of this, including her blog, just so it'll look like I have friends...)
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