Picture Diary / 15 - 18 June / Keep away from fire

Because I don't have any new pictures and I like my hair in the first pic, my cat, studded top and New Look's  advice in how to handle your clothes. All their tags say "KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE", even those on knickers. Thank you New Look, I shall keep my knickers and other clothes at a safe distance whenever I decide to light a candle or a cigarette (which I do never). I can't decide if I think it's cute or just pointless. Much like this post. But I'm pretty sure that the post'pivps indeed the latter. 

Update: NO YELLOW LINES?!?! I don't get it what are they why aren't they going away in the other posts? Got help now and they're all gone.

Update 2: Though, I've noticed that all posts in the category 'short films / vloggs' are gone. Well, they're not GONE, the posts are still there, just not in the category. Seems to be the only category not working, though. Anyway, if it doesn't fix itself, all my videos are on my youtube channel anyway, so you can always watch them there.


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