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Pictures from my iphone.

Flowers from an apple tree in someone elses garden is blowing into ours, and it looks like snow. Mixed with the rain, it's a bit depressing. I'm on summer leave now, up until June 25:th. I could do with some more sun.

I've been stretching my black pumps from New Look (thereof the poorly matched frog socks). I'm wearing them on my sister's graduation next week, and I don't want for it to hurt. I said recently that I have wide feet, and it's a problem with most shoes. Okay, well, really, it's not wide feet, I have bunions (hallux valgus). It doesn't look too bad, but it's been pretty painful. that I've had surgery for and it went away (and I went down like 1,5 shoe size), but it seems to be coming back. It's been given me some angst, because I really don't want to operate again, my scars haven't even healed from last time. And following surgery comes a pretty shitty, uncomfortable and painful months. So, er, no thanks. Anyway: The stretching is going on well, I can now put them on, with socks on, without wanting to cut of my heel (or bunions, for that matter). I say that's progress!

I've been writing. I had a serious flow yesterday and ended up writing almost 2900 words on a new story. I'm kinda stuck at the moment though, I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. I have a tendancy to just jump between key moments, and forget about the details. Especially when I know where I've got an end goal with the story, and just want to get there. It's hard. But then again, I'm not doing this for any other reason than my own entertainment, so who cares?

Gonna see of I can move it along now, cheerio!


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