Fashion credits: All H&M.

I was going crazy with my dip dye and my roots. I had about an inch of blonde roots. And I got all angsty every time my dip dye went blonde (traumatized teenage years?). So getting rid of it feels very good, and I do feel a bit asian (stereotypical, much? No offence to asians, I have wished I was since I was a kid). I'm gonna try to get some hair extensions together, and then I will look like Jess from New Girl instead. I have even looked up my wayfarer-wannabes with clear glass, because I'm such a nerd.

Feels weird that two years ago, when I graduated, I was bleach blonde and now for my sister's graduation my hair is practically black (very very dark brown, even my extensions that are supposedly "darkest brown" are too light).

Speaking of graduation and stuff: I totally forgot to tell you the cutest thing! My old secondary school teacher asked if she could put me as her student reference on her job application. Teacher's pet much? I didn't know you needed student references, but I suppose it figures, doesn't it? No, but honestly, I think it's very sweet, and she was one of my fav teachers, so it's not like it's a problem. Could help a bit that I had her in most of my favourite/best subejcts too (photography+swedish).

I'm gonna watch some Community and then try to sleep (TRY TO). Night!


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