I'd say.

Today's outfit: Vintage jeans jacket, Forever21 dress, H&M leotard, H&M tights, second hand/DIY bag, Home-knitted scarf, Melba.se heels.

I'm getting better at posting today's outfit, am I not? Probably cursed it now, though. Been longing to use that jacket and dress together, don't know why, but I have. And there we go.

It's my dad's birthday, so we have been to a restaurant for dinner. We're probably the only family in the world to have dinner at a restaurant at 15.30 in the day. Anyway, the food was delicious. We're having cake later.

I'm finished with Hana Yori Dango, and I've moved on to Kimi Wa Petto (Why can't I seem to get hold of that manga for a decent price anywhere?!) and Gokusen (series 1 only). I've got this really weird film I want to see as well, if I can get the subtitles to syncronize with what is said... All of these are starring Jun Matsumoto, naturally. Because I can just sit and stare at him for hours.


Ashita wa mienakute

Today's outfit: Home knitted oversized sweater, New Yorker skirt, my mums old jeans jacket, home knitted scarf, New Look bag, Jeffrey Campbell velvet lita heels, Glitter cross necklace.

First time I wore my Litas out today. They really are just as comfortable as people say, without exaggeration. It feels like walking in flats, except for the fact that you're like 4 cm from the ground on the lowest part. So naturally it can be a bit wobbly when the ground is uneven, but you can't really escape that with any heels, can you?

Me and Malvina was planning on another sunny afternoon by the canal, with food, but school took too long and the sun bailed on us, so we ended up with just some fries and lots of wind, for just a very short time. But it was nice never the less.

Hopefully, soon there will be dinner, then some more Hana Yori Dango (JUUUUUUN-CHAAAAN

The title of this post is completely irrelevant to it's content. It's from Truth by Arashi and I just think it's such a lovely song. It pretty much means "You can't see tomorrow".


Looking for love in Alderaan places

Today's outfit: H&M/Second Hand/DIY cap, Jacket from some shop in Paris, Hand-made scarf, DIY T-shirt (it has open shoulders), DIY H&M jeans shorts, New Yorker bag, second hand belt, H&M tights, Urban Outfitters heels. Don't know where the long black sweater is from, I've stolen it from my mum, haha.

My hair looks so purple! It's not. It's really quite not nice at the moment, because I'm working on getting it washed out, for the sake of future hair plans (I'm getting new extensions and all!). So it's a bit grayish at the moment. So for all of you who see me in irl and are disapointed that my hair doesn't look nice at all, it's for a good cause, I promise you! It's gonna be nice again, soon!

Audrey Kitching has a photo of me on her blog, under photos/weekly inspiration. It feels a bit surreal. I mean, it's Audrey Kitching. I'm a huge fan of hers and I've been for a couple of years now, so that SHE would be inspried by ME, is so cool. She has also replied to my tweets twice now, which sort of means she knows who I am. THAT is so awesome.


Kagayaki no naka he boku wa kimi wo kitto Tsurete itte miseru yo

Another day spent in town with Malvina. We're very good at spending hours doing pretty much nothing but talking.

Otherwise there's just lots of Hana Yori Dango going on. Gonna watch some Scott & Bailey now, though, while eating my dinner, before I continue this very lovely Japanese drama show.


Ikitai yo kimi no tokoro he ima sugu kakedashite ikitai yo

Been in town all day with Malvina. A spontaneous trip, and we had very nice weather, so all was good. Right now I'm re-watching Hana Yori Dango and falling in love with Jun Matsumoto all over again, because he is so handsome and I just melt when he does his poppy dog eyes. I'm also listening to losts of Japanese pop music at the moment, mostly HYD soundtrack. The title is from Planetarium by Ai Otsuka. You can listen to it here.


DIY Lace dress

You know how much I love lace? Yesterday I travelled about an hour to get to the largest fabric store in Malmö, and bought a total of 5,5 meters of lace. Yesterday and today I made this dress. It's in a pastel pink colour, and is made from 2 meters of fabric (except from the base that is a tank top from Gina Tricot). All in all it cost me about 250 SEK to make. Apart from the lace, that includes the tank top, thread and buttons that I already had at home. Canät say exactly how long it took to make, but I worked on it all afternoon+evening+half of the night yesterday (with a lot of breaks), and all morning today. I didn't have a pattern and made it all on freehand, so I had to re-do a lot of things all the time. But it turned out lovely, don't you think? To be able to sew clothes is such a wonderful skill that I'm so glad that I possess.

I'm gonna make a maxi dress and a skirt from the rest of the fabric!


Crazy people in an elevator

Both Cicci and I had too much clothes on today. But it wasn't warm in the morning. About mid-day it turned around and suddenly you didn't need two sweaters underneath your jacket. Nor a scarf, nor a hat. If I'd know the weather was gonna turn out wonderful I would a have worn heels! But there you have it. Cicci and I also made a trade: a pair of my Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs that didn't fit me, for a pair of low white converse that didn't fit her. Win/Win.

It's a bit weird getting a tattoo that is sort of a symbol for something special, and the tattooist doesn't even know what it is. Today the guy who did my IWTB asked me if it was something religious. "IT'S ALIENS!" Cicci corrected him. Same when we did our Deathly Hallows symbols in London last year. We probably managed to find the only tattoo studio that didn't know what Harry Potter was in all of Britain. Good job. Anyway I'm happy, because all my tattoos so far symbolize things that are very dear to me, and no matter what happens it will always be a part of my life. X-Files was one of my first serious TV-show crushes that became a serious obsession. I think it's the best American show ever made. Harry Potter I grew up with. I loved it when I was a kid and I loved it since. And no matter what happens to Lady Gaga, whether or not I continue loving her the way I do now, I will always owe her a lot for who I am today. Cheesy, but true. "Born this way" will always bear a wonderful message. Now, what's missing in my collection is the TARDIS. But it's only a matter of time and money, I promise you!


Alien league

And there we go. Tattoo number three. It's from X-Files if you don't know (in which case you should be ashamed of yourself). I am very pleased, with both size, placement and font. The font is called Alien League. Isn't that a coincidence? No, not really. Ailen League is the same font that I use when/if I sign my photos or GIFs. It's been my favourite for a long while so it was the obvious choice, when I thought of it (which was almost to late, actually). Fits the occation, as well, doesn't it? I paid 195 SEK for it (it was an offer, it wouldn't have been that cheap otherwise), and it was done at Transilvanian Art Tattoo, in Lund.


Violet licorice

I did my hair last night. Coloured my roots properly and all for what feels like the first time in ages. So yeah, I'm bright purple now. Shade is Stargazer magenta mixed with Directions plum and lots of conditioner. For my roots I use dark brown 3.0 from Garnier Nordic Essentials (I think that's the name, if not its something very similar).

I'm on the bus now, on my way to meet Cicci for that secret thing I told you about. If you're very curious, you can keep a lookout in my twitter (for link, see side menu), because it will be posted there first of all!


DIY Space shoes


Sometimes I am amazed by what you can do at home, with simple means. Just needed a pair of heels and some paint. Easy as pie.


Fill the void up with celluoid

Aaah, I want my extensions. I need bleach. But it seems as if my visacard isn't working, soo.

I'm in a bit of a bad place right now. I don't know where it comes from for sure, but I think it's the weather changes, mixed with poor sleep and eating habbits. I get angry and sad over the smallest things and I dwell on them if not resolved straight away. I know I'm doing it, but I can't help it. Good thing there are some things and people that light up my days, or I would just rather sleep through all of it. Because at the same time, I got into a very good place with myself recently, and it makes me feel a lot better thinking about it. I'm talking nonsense now, sorry. And I really do appreciate all my new readers! You really make my days, if anything!


My dresses: Favourites

I've been planning on doing this one for ages, but I just kept putting it off. I've got so many dresses and this is not even remotely close to even half of them. Probably like a quarter or a fifth of them, more like. Good to know is that few of my dresses where bought for more than 200 SEK. I usually buy them on sale. Some of these probably a bit pricier, but they're my favourites for a reason, which means I'm likely to have allowed myself to spend a bit more on them. I'll write what I paid, if I remember.

From H&M. It was love at first sight. Funny, because I don't really own anything else like it. Wore it on Christmas Eve 2010, and a couple of other times. Was 399 SEK.

First dress is from Nelly.com and I got it for when I was dressing up as Lady Gaga for a party. Haven't used it since, because it has been too cold. Hopefully I'll get to wear it more this summer. It cost 349 SEK. The second dress I got from forever21 for €16.99. Same goes for that one, it's been too cold. Dresses like these needs a bit of heat so you don't have to wear shirts underneath.

First dress is from Monki. It was on sale an very cheap (80 SEK, I think). I had been looking for a dress just like it and thought I was dreaming when I found it. The second dress is one of my absolute favourite of all. It's from Bikbok, and I think it was 150 SEK. I'm such a sucker for white lace.

This one is another one af my absolute favourites. If you're a regular follower of this blog I'm sure you've seen it before, because I wear it in a lot of photos. Originally it's from Primark (was £9), but I didn't try it on in store and ended up with a size or two to small (I don't even understand how I managed that). I was too lazy to go change it, so when I got home I remade it with the lace. In the end I'm glad I didn't change it, because it's prettier now. A bit Miu Miu, don't you think!?

This is probably my most expensive dress. It's from one of the Lolita shops in Camden (London), and it was £62. The Label says the brand it K-Star, but fabric says Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Probably made for BTSSB leftovers. It's gorgeous never the less. You can't see the details very well on these pictures, but it's got cake and baking prints on the skirt.

This was my graduation dress (in Sweden, girls wear white on their graduation day). My long time irl friends know that I was a Japan-freak when I was younger, so it was only natural that I would wear a lolita dress for graduation. This one is also from a lolita shop in Camden. Can't remember what it cost though, and my mum payed for it. Probably around the same as the other one. I still think it's flawless.

The most comfortable dress in exitence. From Bikbok. It's got splits on both sides, high neck and long sleaves with a hole for your thumb so they're like gloves. The Material is very stretchy and heavy, and I love how it feels to have on. VERY long, though. I've shortened it about 20-25 cm and I still step on it if I don't wear shoes. I payed 150 or 200 SEK for it, can't remember. It was on half the price anyway.

Heels in this post are from have2have.se (DIY straps) and H&M.


Comment reply - Flower head piece (DIY)

First of all: thank you! And second: Yes, I did. It's really quite simple, but a bit finical. All you need is a plain headband, some fabric (I used black) and plastic flowers, which you'll find in any well-stocked craft shop. There's ten flowers on mine, four big ones and six smaller. I also have another flower head piece that only has four flowers, so it's really up to you how you want it to look. You just cover the headband with the fabric at stitch the flowers on. Takes some time, but it's really very easy! Do try this at home!

ps. I'm making you a "my favourite dresses"-post! It's gonna take a while to finish, tough. Lots of photos to go through. ds.


Nowhere, notime.

No news. Oh well, there's some new fabulous plans for Wednesday, but I ain't tellin you nothing. It's a secret, that is being very badly kept at this very moment, which means I've already told a bunch of people. Anyway. You'll see in four days.

By the way, I forgot to tell you, Audrey Kitching replied to one my tweets on thursday! I freaked out a bit. I wasn't even writing to her, I just mentioned her because it was a tweet about her. Anyway, it was awesome. No one famous has ever tweeted to me before!

Also, small changes in the design, in case you haven't noticed. If any of you are wondering if I'm ever gonna change my design completely, then no, probably not. I'm very pleased with this one.


Going up, going down, down, down

For fashion credits, see previous post.

My hair is not pink anymore, it's purple. I dyed it last night on a whim. And my extensions, but they're still to dark. Gonna do some thinking on how to solve that one.

After school I spent about three hours in a coffee house with Malvina, watching (and judging) people. Lots of fun!

Now I'm feeling a bit since I haven't eaten properly. Food's almost ready now. I'm not really that hungry though. A bit of a problem.

My family is in the Netherlands for a taekwondo competition, so I'm spending the evening alone with the cat and some Sarah Jane Adventures.


I know I've got a big ego, I really don't know why it's such a big deal though

Fashion cerdits: Topshop hair piece, Monki dress, Kappahl hotpants, American Apparel socks, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy velvet boots with DIY rainbow shoelaces and studded straps.

My pink hair is too washed out for my extensions, so I can't wear them. Think I'm gonna either bleach them or buy new ones. Because I'm kinda feeling pastel purple. I don't think the ones I got will last for a bleach and dye. Maybe I'll bleach them and go with pastel pink, until I get new ones and then I can go purple. We'll see.

I really really really want a pair of Hellbound boots with rainbow laces. But I can't afford them, naturally. Not for another five months at the very least, if I'm lucky. So I temporarely pimped my Tardys. Thinking about getting a pair of Lita knock offs to do this to permanently. But since I'm having a shopping free month (which is going GREAT btw), it's gonna have to wait at least another two weeks.


Comment reply

Oh Anna, my favourite fan (along with you, Moe)! You are such a darling and your comments always lights up my day! So to answer your questions:

1.The hoodie is cute, where did you buy it?
My hoodie is from originally from H&M, but I bought it on second hand. I don't think it's sold anymore, because I haven't seen it. If I had I would have bought it in store. It's lovely because it doesn't look like a regular track suit hoodie, it's a bit more stylish, and it's perfect to wear underneath jeans, fur or leather vests. There's one that looks a bit like it on Urban Outfitters (but darker and even nicer), if you like to know, but it's quite expensive. Still I was serioulsy contemplating buying it, but I ended up not, and I'm glad for that now, because my hoodie was less than 1/5 of the price. It's such a hard work finding great hoodies these days!

2. I wish you would write some more tips and advice on your style?
promise I'll try! I know I'm awful at taking pictures and write about stuff I buy. It's not that I don't want to, I'm just lazy, haha. But about the other things you wrote, about not following the trends to the dot, my advice is that you need to always remember what YOU like, and what your inspiration originally comes from. And mix that with trends. If you forget yourself and get lost in the fear of being different, it won't work. Also, mix, mix, mix! Especially regular less expensive brands like H&M and whatever you've got in your country (here we have Gina Tricot, Bikbok, Monki, etc), with more expensive ones, like Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Jeffrey Campbell (and even more expensive like Acne, Whyred, etc). If you ask me, once you stop mixing you lose the essence of what it is to be stylish. It's not about the brands, it's about the clothes! And last but not least: Never hesitate to get/wear something because "everyone else has it". It's a load of bullshit. If you like it, then you like it and you should rock it! You just have to mix it up with other stuff to make it your own!

And here's an old photo (that I'm sure I've posted before) of what I used to look like when I was fifteen, five years ago, when I first started experimenting with my style. I like to think I've come a long way since then, haha.

3. Can you write a list your top three TV-shows? Honestly no. No I can't. There is no way in hell I can pick out only three. But here's a list of shows I obsess about (not in order):

1. Doctor Who
(the new series, starting 2005)
2. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (AtA is a sequel to LoM, they're about the same thing. I prefer AtA.)
3. X-Files
4. Fringe

1. Sherlock
2. Wire in the Blood
3. Murder City

1. The Addams Family (the old version from 1964)
2. Twin Peaks

But right now I'm watching The Sarah Jane Adventures (don't watch that until you watched Doctor Who) and Being Human. I'll get back to you on those.

And if I had to pick out three shows that I think you should start with, it's Sherlock, Doctor Who and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. Because BBC knows their shit. Actually, my tumblr name (malintoashes) is inspired by the AtA TV-show!

(From Ashes To Ashes series 3.)



Fashion credits: DIY Cross necklace. Camden wood cross necklace, Bikbok lace dress, Gina Tricot long tank top, DIY asymetrical skirt, Bikbok tights, Jojo Cat heels and DIY shoe laces.


Beauty queen on a silver screen

Whoop whoop! Still terrified the fringe is gonna be shit though. Wish me luck with it!


You can count on me to misbehave

I've been working on my hair all day, experimenting for a photoshoot. Hopefully the fringe will turn out alright, but otherwise it's not going to well. Ha. Best get back to it. Got other things to do as well.

ps. Anna, here's my hoodie! It's really very plain, but it's the perfect kind of plain! ds.



I had forgotten how much it hurts to practice taekwondo. This time it's my knee that's doing weird things, like giving way under when I stand up. I haven't actually hit it, so I don't know what's up. Though I'm certain it will pass.

I am so tired, but I still think I watch an episode of some TV-show. Probably Doctor Who, because I'm missing it so much. I don't know how I'm supposed to last until autumn for the new series. But it appears that Scott and Bailey is returning tonight (?), which is nice. I could do with a good old fashion British crime drama. I really should watch Upstairs Downstais too, because it has both Keeley Hawes and Alex Kingston in it, but I'm really not feeling period drama at the moment. They are all so complicated, and full of feelings and weird moods. Crime is much more simple. Is it weird to think that? Yeah. Anyway.

Sleep-in tomorrow. I've got a new super cozy hooded sweater that I'm in love with. Probably gonna live in it from now on.

And go on and listen to Marina and the Diamonds new single Primadonna. It's brilliant. I love her, she's amazing and beautiful. Click the link for the music video on youtube. Which also is brilliant, amazing and beautiful.

And if you're wondering why the gif is from Sherlock when this post is not about sherlock at all, then I can tell you it's because of reasons.


And then some

After the right song winning the Swedish song competition, I'm ending the evening/night with some Doctor Who rewatch and party soda. Party Soda. Doesn't that just sound great? Hope it tastes it, anyway.

And thanks again to all new fans (almost 90 100 of you now!) and followers, you are awesome, all of you! Now be quiet, you're distracting me from one of my future husbands; The Doctor!



For fashion credits, see previous post.

It's madness. In the past 24 hours I've gained over 80 new fans on Lookbook and about 20 followers on tumblr. Because of one photo! I'm awful at replying to comments and such, anywhere other than on this blog, it feels so forced. But of any if you new fans and followers read this, and all of you who hyped, commented, liked or reblogged my photo, I'm very greatful and you make my days!

Update: I am also having a massive visitor record on this blog, I just noticed!

For my lookbook, click here.

For my tumblr, click here.


Sweet like cinnamon


I can see, but once I was blind

Yesterday's outfit. My military jacket, with Lady Gaga print on the back, is from some place in Paris, but I've seen the same jacket, but without the print, on Urban Outfitters in Copenhagen. The EXACT same jacket. Just so you know. Shirts from H&M and Gina Tricot, bow tie from Glitter, Boots from Weekday, backpack (kånken) from Fjällräven. Long tank top from Gina Tricot (as always).

You know, I haven't had hair in a bright colour for about a year. I figured by now people would be pretty used to seeing people with it. But oh no. They still stare at me like I'm an alien. I mean seriously. It's JUST a colour. It's easy to get hold of, costs practically nothing, takes hardly any time. It's not a big deal? It's far easier to dye your hair with Stargazer or Directions than bleaching it or colouring your roots. Still people bloody turn around and gape at you. It will never cease to surprise me.

But anyway, the really cool girl who works at BikBok by Storgatan complimented my jacket. It was awesome.


One for the money, two for the show

Everything I said I'd do today in the previous post, I did. Including taekwondo practice. Now my whole body is aching. It's so painful to come back after such a long break, I should never have quit!

I might have a proper "today's outfit" post for you, but no promises. I haven't had time to look at the pictures yet.

Some good news is that I spoke to the new boss at my old job, and she said I was pretty much guarateed work this summer, because I have been working the past two. Suppose that's a good thing about working for the city.


Topple you down from your sky forty stories high

It's funny how my dad thinks in the only one in the world who draw my eyebrows on. And have pink hair. Well, I'm off to a meeting with my new group about our latest project. I tell you about it some other time. Then I'm meeting up with Lovisa, to take her shopping (she's shopping, not me), and then possibly taekwondo practice, depending on how tired I am. Gotta run now.


Comment reply - Hair care

Question: How can you colour your hair so much without wearing it out? Any tips?

Simple answer: I can't. My hair is very very worn where I bleached it, and a lot of it has fallen off. Luckily I have thick hairs, that can take a lot of damage before breaking. I take very good care of my hair tough, despite what people (my family) might think. Things I do to keep my hair as healthy as possible (other than obvious things like conditioner and hair masks when I wash it) is:

1. When I colour in bright colours, like this pink I have now, I make a mix that is about 75% conditioner and 25% dye. Sometimes maybe an ever larger percentage of conditioner. It's so little dye in the mix, that it's practically just like using just conditioner, and it doesn't tear on my hair that much. This only works if you use a darker dye though. If you use a light one, it won't stay with that much conditioner. So I always pick a darker shade when I buy it, than what I really want, and blend it out.

2. HEAT PROTECTION HEAT PROTECTION HEAT PROTECTION. Always, for everything you do. Flatening iron, curling iron and blow dryer.

3. Moroccan oil. Bought a small bottle from Proffs and H&M for my bleached hair, and I was surprised by how well it worked. It may make your hair look a bit greasy if you're not careful, but it makes it very soft.

4. I try to not sleep with my hair down. It makes it ruffled and frizzy and I hardly dare touching it with any styling tool without combing it trough with water first. I do that a lot too, rather than flatening it. Don't know whether it's good or bad though.

And here's the deal. Don't do what I did to your hair, and bleach it from dark to light in one go, if you want it to be healthy. Because it won't be. I'm not afraid for my hair, and yet my hair is very healthy compared to what it could be. My dark hair is still just fine. But if you're fearless, like me, don't be afraid to take chances. Like I said in my previous post: it's hair, cut it of and it will grow back.


I'll die living just as free as my hair

So, I dyed my hair bright pink. I didn't really like the blonde shade it had, and I couldn't exactly bleach it again without it all falling off. And then I thought "Hey, neon pink would be awesome!" and I did it. My philosphy is "I'll die living just as free as my hair". I'm not afraid to do stuff with it. Worst case scenario is that I have to cut it off, but hey, it's hair, it grows. And I already know short hair suits me, so what's the harm.

Anyway, here's what it looks like, extensions and all. A bit Top Model style, for you. Shade is Stargazer Magenta and shitloads of conditioner. Top is from Bikbok and Shorts are DIY.


Bitch, please


DIY shorts

I don't think I told you before, but I'm working on a project at the moment, where I'm remaking shorts to sell. I'm dying them right now, I have bleached them before. They were all jeans that I cut off. When the paint is dry Lovisa and I are gonna decorate them. They're gonna be Runaway Dreamz inspired. Lovisa is getting a pair for free as payment later, and she is also going to model them, and be my walking advertisement pillar.

I haven't decided if I'm gonna sell them via this blog, or on tradera yet. If you have opinions please let me know.

Either way, I doubt I'll be shipping outside of Europe. Prices are gonna be 300-500SEK+shipping, depending on material and time spent on decoration. At the moment they are all small sizes, because I'm making them from jeans I already had, that I didn't use or didn't fit, but if they sell well, I'll be bying more jeans in different sizes for another set. I am also thinking about making after request. So practically you tell me your size and some idea of what you want and I'll make them for you. But I don't know. We'll see, depending on how it goes with these first ones. But I'd love to know whether you'd be interested or not!


It's this feeling

So I found this old hair extension that I thought I coloured dark brown back when that was my deal, but apparently I didn't, so there you go. I am practically blonde again. Though I don't feel blonde. I used to feel blonde long after I coloured it darker, but I sort of got used to being dark haired now, and I still feel it. Have to wear a hat with this extension though, or my clips will probably show.

And apparently my ex-teacher and my current teacher were at the same party and have been talking about me. This is so awkward, I wonder what has been said...

I am at a taekwondo competition today, so this is a timed post. I might be home by now though, I don't know.


Video Girl


Picture Diary / 24-29 February / Life in frozen motions