Alien league

And there we go. Tattoo number three. It's from X-Files if you don't know (in which case you should be ashamed of yourself). I am very pleased, with both size, placement and font. The font is called Alien League. Isn't that a coincidence? No, not really. Ailen League is the same font that I use when/if I sign my photos or GIFs. It's been my favourite for a long while so it was the obvious choice, when I thought of it (which was almost to late, actually). Fits the occation, as well, doesn't it? I paid 195 SEK for it (it was an offer, it wouldn't have been that cheap otherwise), and it was done at Transilvanian Art Tattoo, in Lund.


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Postat av: Johanna

Ahh this is so awesome! Jag har en x-files tattoo och har funderat länge på att göra EXAKT sådär, så googlade lite, kom hit och kommer nog att stanna. Inspirerande! Och blir nu ännu mer sugen på det... Har funderat på trust no one också men i want to believe är ett finare budskap och inte lika cyniskt ;) Anyways, sjyst blogg jag stannar!

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