I had forgotten how much it hurts to practice taekwondo. This time it's my knee that's doing weird things, like giving way under when I stand up. I haven't actually hit it, so I don't know what's up. Though I'm certain it will pass.

I am so tired, but I still think I watch an episode of some TV-show. Probably Doctor Who, because I'm missing it so much. I don't know how I'm supposed to last until autumn for the new series. But it appears that Scott and Bailey is returning tonight (?), which is nice. I could do with a good old fashion British crime drama. I really should watch Upstairs Downstais too, because it has both Keeley Hawes and Alex Kingston in it, but I'm really not feeling period drama at the moment. They are all so complicated, and full of feelings and weird moods. Crime is much more simple. Is it weird to think that? Yeah. Anyway.

Sleep-in tomorrow. I've got a new super cozy hooded sweater that I'm in love with. Probably gonna live in it from now on.

And go on and listen to Marina and the Diamonds new single Primadonna. It's brilliant. I love her, she's amazing and beautiful. Click the link for the music video on youtube. Which also is brilliant, amazing and beautiful.

And if you're wondering why the gif is from Sherlock when this post is not about sherlock at all, then I can tell you it's because of reasons.


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Brilliant song. Show us the hoodie! :3

2012-03-13 @ 01:41:03

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