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Oh Anna, my favourite fan (along with you, Moe)! You are such a darling and your comments always lights up my day! So to answer your questions:

1.The hoodie is cute, where did you buy it?
My hoodie is from originally from H&M, but I bought it on second hand. I don't think it's sold anymore, because I haven't seen it. If I had I would have bought it in store. It's lovely because it doesn't look like a regular track suit hoodie, it's a bit more stylish, and it's perfect to wear underneath jeans, fur or leather vests. There's one that looks a bit like it on Urban Outfitters (but darker and even nicer), if you like to know, but it's quite expensive. Still I was serioulsy contemplating buying it, but I ended up not, and I'm glad for that now, because my hoodie was less than 1/5 of the price. It's such a hard work finding great hoodies these days!

2. I wish you would write some more tips and advice on your style?
promise I'll try! I know I'm awful at taking pictures and write about stuff I buy. It's not that I don't want to, I'm just lazy, haha. But about the other things you wrote, about not following the trends to the dot, my advice is that you need to always remember what YOU like, and what your inspiration originally comes from. And mix that with trends. If you forget yourself and get lost in the fear of being different, it won't work. Also, mix, mix, mix! Especially regular less expensive brands like H&M and whatever you've got in your country (here we have Gina Tricot, Bikbok, Monki, etc), with more expensive ones, like Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Jeffrey Campbell (and even more expensive like Acne, Whyred, etc). If you ask me, once you stop mixing you lose the essence of what it is to be stylish. It's not about the brands, it's about the clothes! And last but not least: Never hesitate to get/wear something because "everyone else has it". It's a load of bullshit. If you like it, then you like it and you should rock it! You just have to mix it up with other stuff to make it your own!

And here's an old photo (that I'm sure I've posted before) of what I used to look like when I was fifteen, five years ago, when I first started experimenting with my style. I like to think I've come a long way since then, haha.

3. Can you write a list your top three TV-shows? Honestly no. No I can't. There is no way in hell I can pick out only three. But here's a list of shows I obsess about (not in order):

1. Doctor Who
(the new series, starting 2005)
2. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (AtA is a sequel to LoM, they're about the same thing. I prefer AtA.)
3. X-Files
4. Fringe

1. Sherlock
2. Wire in the Blood
3. Murder City

1. The Addams Family (the old version from 1964)
2. Twin Peaks

But right now I'm watching The Sarah Jane Adventures (don't watch that until you watched Doctor Who) and Being Human. I'll get back to you on those.

And if I had to pick out three shows that I think you should start with, it's Sherlock, Doctor Who and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. Because BBC knows their shit. Actually, my tumblr name (malintoashes) is inspired by the AtA TV-show!

(From Ashes To Ashes series 3.)


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