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Both Cicci and I had too much clothes on today. But it wasn't warm in the morning. About mid-day it turned around and suddenly you didn't need two sweaters underneath your jacket. Nor a scarf, nor a hat. If I'd know the weather was gonna turn out wonderful I would a have worn heels! But there you have it. Cicci and I also made a trade: a pair of my Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs that didn't fit me, for a pair of low white converse that didn't fit her. Win/Win.

It's a bit weird getting a tattoo that is sort of a symbol for something special, and the tattooist doesn't even know what it is. Today the guy who did my IWTB asked me if it was something religious. "IT'S ALIENS!" Cicci corrected him. Same when we did our Deathly Hallows symbols in London last year. We probably managed to find the only tattoo studio that didn't know what Harry Potter was in all of Britain. Good job. Anyway I'm happy, because all my tattoos so far symbolize things that are very dear to me, and no matter what happens it will always be a part of my life. X-Files was one of my first serious TV-show crushes that became a serious obsession. I think it's the best American show ever made. Harry Potter I grew up with. I loved it when I was a kid and I loved it since. And no matter what happens to Lady Gaga, whether or not I continue loving her the way I do now, I will always owe her a lot for who I am today. Cheesy, but true. "Born this way" will always bear a wonderful message. Now, what's missing in my collection is the TARDIS. But it's only a matter of time and money, I promise you!


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What a nice text, I can totally relate to the Lady Gaga part, and the Harry Potter. Before we where going to the cinema to see the last HP movie I cried and was like "My childhood is eeeeending!!!!"

I'm trying this "10 ways to be happy" thing and one of them is "leave an anonymous coment". You sort of know who I am but still not. So here is my not really that anonymous comment: You are beautiful and you are one of the persons in my life that truly inspires me <3

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