DIY Lace dress

You know how much I love lace? Yesterday I travelled about an hour to get to the largest fabric store in Malmö, and bought a total of 5,5 meters of lace. Yesterday and today I made this dress. It's in a pastel pink colour, and is made from 2 meters of fabric (except from the base that is a tank top from Gina Tricot). All in all it cost me about 250 SEK to make. Apart from the lace, that includes the tank top, thread and buttons that I already had at home. Canät say exactly how long it took to make, but I worked on it all afternoon+evening+half of the night yesterday (with a lot of breaks), and all morning today. I didn't have a pattern and made it all on freehand, so I had to re-do a lot of things all the time. But it turned out lovely, don't you think? To be able to sew clothes is such a wonderful skill that I'm so glad that I possess.

I'm gonna make a maxi dress and a skirt from the rest of the fabric!


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Postat av: Annika Victoria

Holey Mackeral!!! THIS IS AMAZING. You are amazing!

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