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I don't think I told you before, but I'm working on a project at the moment, where I'm remaking shorts to sell. I'm dying them right now, I have bleached them before. They were all jeans that I cut off. When the paint is dry Lovisa and I are gonna decorate them. They're gonna be Runaway Dreamz inspired. Lovisa is getting a pair for free as payment later, and she is also going to model them, and be my walking advertisement pillar.

I haven't decided if I'm gonna sell them via this blog, or on tradera yet. If you have opinions please let me know.

Either way, I doubt I'll be shipping outside of Europe. Prices are gonna be 300-500SEK+shipping, depending on material and time spent on decoration. At the moment they are all small sizes, because I'm making them from jeans I already had, that I didn't use or didn't fit, but if they sell well, I'll be bying more jeans in different sizes for another set. I am also thinking about making after request. So practically you tell me your size and some idea of what you want and I'll make them for you. But I don't know. We'll see, depending on how it goes with these first ones. But I'd love to know whether you'd be interested or not!


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Postat av: Anna 1

I haven't read this yet, but I will, they are so so so pretty! XD I need to study now, but I will read it tomorrow, promise! (^_^)<3

2012-03-06 @ 21:11:24
Postat av: Anna 1

So, now I have time ... I will most certainly buy a pair! Maybe I can order from you before you make them so you get the the right size? :o I've wanted to do a pair of my own in nyonlila and pink, maybe a lightpink color and a lot of studs. But I will never get it done, hahah... But if you make it they would certainly be amazing no matter what, really hope you sell some on the blog! Btw, you're gorgeous in your hair, pink is never wrong! <3

Love Anna

2012-03-11 @ 21:43:22
Postat av: Ida

Lyder cool! Vil du ikke sende mig en mail, når shortsene engang kommer til salg? Er meget interesseret i et turkist/blåt par :D

- Ida /

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