I can see, but once I was blind

Yesterday's outfit. My military jacket, with Lady Gaga print on the back, is from some place in Paris, but I've seen the same jacket, but without the print, on Urban Outfitters in Copenhagen. The EXACT same jacket. Just so you know. Shirts from H&M and Gina Tricot, bow tie from Glitter, Boots from Weekday, backpack (kånken) from Fjällräven. Long tank top from Gina Tricot (as always).

You know, I haven't had hair in a bright colour for about a year. I figured by now people would be pretty used to seeing people with it. But oh no. They still stare at me like I'm an alien. I mean seriously. It's JUST a colour. It's easy to get hold of, costs practically nothing, takes hardly any time. It's not a big deal? It's far easier to dye your hair with Stargazer or Directions than bleaching it or colouring your roots. Still people bloody turn around and gape at you. It will never cease to surprise me.

But anyway, the really cool girl who works at BikBok by Storgatan complimented my jacket. It was awesome.


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