I know I've got a big ego, I really don't know why it's such a big deal though

Fashion cerdits: Topshop hair piece, Monki dress, Kappahl hotpants, American Apparel socks, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy velvet boots with DIY rainbow shoelaces and studded straps.

My pink hair is too washed out for my extensions, so I can't wear them. Think I'm gonna either bleach them or buy new ones. Because I'm kinda feeling pastel purple. I don't think the ones I got will last for a bleach and dye. Maybe I'll bleach them and go with pastel pink, until I get new ones and then I can go purple. We'll see.

I really really really want a pair of Hellbound boots with rainbow laces. But I can't afford them, naturally. Not for another five months at the very least, if I'm lucky. So I temporarely pimped my Tardys. Thinking about getting a pair of Lita knock offs to do this to permanently. But since I'm having a shopping free month (which is going GREAT btw), it's gonna have to wait at least another two weeks.


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Postat av: Millar

Love that you used Marina's lyrics as your title and your style is amazing! I instantly thought of the UNIF hellbounds when I saw your shoes. You have good taste!

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