Looking for love in Alderaan places

Today's outfit: H&M/Second Hand/DIY cap, Jacket from some shop in Paris, Hand-made scarf, DIY T-shirt (it has open shoulders), DIY H&M jeans shorts, New Yorker bag, second hand belt, H&M tights, Urban Outfitters heels. Don't know where the long black sweater is from, I've stolen it from my mum, haha.

My hair looks so purple! It's not. It's really quite not nice at the moment, because I'm working on getting it washed out, for the sake of future hair plans (I'm getting new extensions and all!). So it's a bit grayish at the moment. So for all of you who see me in irl and are disapointed that my hair doesn't look nice at all, it's for a good cause, I promise you! It's gonna be nice again, soon!

Audrey Kitching has a photo of me on her blog, under photos/weekly inspiration. It feels a bit surreal. I mean, it's Audrey Kitching. I'm a huge fan of hers and I've been for a couple of years now, so that SHE would be inspried by ME, is so cool. She has also replied to my tweets twice now, which sort of means she knows who I am. THAT is so awesome.


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