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I've been planning on doing this one for ages, but I just kept putting it off. I've got so many dresses and this is not even remotely close to even half of them. Probably like a quarter or a fifth of them, more like. Good to know is that few of my dresses where bought for more than 200 SEK. I usually buy them on sale. Some of these probably a bit pricier, but they're my favourites for a reason, which means I'm likely to have allowed myself to spend a bit more on them. I'll write what I paid, if I remember.

From H&M. It was love at first sight. Funny, because I don't really own anything else like it. Wore it on Christmas Eve 2010, and a couple of other times. Was 399 SEK.

First dress is from and I got it for when I was dressing up as Lady Gaga for a party. Haven't used it since, because it has been too cold. Hopefully I'll get to wear it more this summer. It cost 349 SEK. The second dress I got from forever21 for €16.99. Same goes for that one, it's been too cold. Dresses like these needs a bit of heat so you don't have to wear shirts underneath.

First dress is from Monki. It was on sale an very cheap (80 SEK, I think). I had been looking for a dress just like it and thought I was dreaming when I found it. The second dress is one of my absolute favourite of all. It's from Bikbok, and I think it was 150 SEK. I'm such a sucker for white lace.

This one is another one af my absolute favourites. If you're a regular follower of this blog I'm sure you've seen it before, because I wear it in a lot of photos. Originally it's from Primark (was £9), but I didn't try it on in store and ended up with a size or two to small (I don't even understand how I managed that). I was too lazy to go change it, so when I got home I remade it with the lace. In the end I'm glad I didn't change it, because it's prettier now. A bit Miu Miu, don't you think!?

This is probably my most expensive dress. It's from one of the Lolita shops in Camden (London), and it was £62. The Label says the brand it K-Star, but fabric says Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Probably made for BTSSB leftovers. It's gorgeous never the less. You can't see the details very well on these pictures, but it's got cake and baking prints on the skirt.

This was my graduation dress (in Sweden, girls wear white on their graduation day). My long time irl friends know that I was a Japan-freak when I was younger, so it was only natural that I would wear a lolita dress for graduation. This one is also from a lolita shop in Camden. Can't remember what it cost though, and my mum payed for it. Probably around the same as the other one. I still think it's flawless.

The most comfortable dress in exitence. From Bikbok. It's got splits on both sides, high neck and long sleaves with a hole for your thumb so they're like gloves. The Material is very stretchy and heavy, and I love how it feels to have on. VERY long, though. I've shortened it about 20-25 cm and I still step on it if I don't wear shoes. I payed 150 or 200 SEK for it, can't remember. It was on half the price anyway.

Heels in this post are from (DIY straps) and H&M.


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damn, I love the ones in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures :)

love your style!

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