Nowhere, notime.

No news. Oh well, there's some new fabulous plans for Wednesday, but I ain't tellin you nothing. It's a secret, that is being very badly kept at this very moment, which means I've already told a bunch of people. Anyway. You'll see in four days.

By the way, I forgot to tell you, Audrey Kitching replied to one my tweets on thursday! I freaked out a bit. I wasn't even writing to her, I just mentioned her because it was a tweet about her. Anyway, it was awesome. No one famous has ever tweeted to me before!

Also, small changes in the design, in case you haven't noticed. If any of you are wondering if I'm ever gonna change my design completely, then no, probably not. I'm very pleased with this one.


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Hi, therem sweetie!

I've recently discovered your blog and loved the way you write and your style (and hair!!!)!

I've made a post about you back at my blog, hope you don't mind:


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