Fashion credits: DIY Cross necklace. Camden wood cross necklace, Bikbok lace dress, Gina Tricot long tank top, DIY asymetrical skirt, Bikbok tights, Jojo Cat heels and DIY shoe laces.


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Postat av: Anna 1

OMG, I leave your blog alone for what - five hours and i miss three posts?! XD

Anyway, I have some questions and things to say!

1. The hoodie is cute, but where did you buy it? (゚ペ)

2. The reason that I love your blog is becaus it is adorable and because you take time to really read what I and the other readers have to say. I mean - that would never happened on one of the other blogs that I follow, they are all like "I'm to famous to reply" (ಠ_ಠ). So I feel very special when you reply (●^o^●)

And one thing - I wish you would write some more tips and advice on your style? Your style is not the same as a fashion blog that follows all the trends to "the point and the dot", which perhaps 90% of everyone else is doing. You're, as you have said before yourself, a free spirit and dare uch more than I do. But if I can pick up little tricks so maybe I can be a bit more like you anyway. Just simple things, like when trying out new make-up (do not have your videos btw), or when you buy jewelry or your hoodie, everything is good inspiration (which I need evey single day to survive this gray world).

3. I must confess, I have not seen either Sherlock or Dr WhoI've or any of those that your write about...(T▽T) So it's decided - I will start watching! ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Can you write a list of your top three maybe?

2012-03-13 @ 23:09:46
Postat av: Anna 1


2012-03-13 @ 23:11:12

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