Ashita wa mienakute

Today's outfit: Home knitted oversized sweater, New Yorker skirt, my mums old jeans jacket, home knitted scarf, New Look bag, Jeffrey Campbell velvet lita heels, Glitter cross necklace.

First time I wore my Litas out today. They really are just as comfortable as people say, without exaggeration. It feels like walking in flats, except for the fact that you're like 4 cm from the ground on the lowest part. So naturally it can be a bit wobbly when the ground is uneven, but you can't really escape that with any heels, can you?

Me and Malvina was planning on another sunny afternoon by the canal, with food, but school took too long and the sun bailed on us, so we ended up with just some fries and lots of wind, for just a very short time. But it was nice never the less.

Hopefully, soon there will be dinner, then some more Hana Yori Dango (JUUUUUUN-CHAAAAN

The title of this post is completely irrelevant to it's content. It's from Truth by Arashi and I just think it's such a lovely song. It pretty much means "You can't see tomorrow".


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