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Question: How can you colour your hair so much without wearing it out? Any tips?

Simple answer: I can't. My hair is very very worn where I bleached it, and a lot of it has fallen off. Luckily I have thick hairs, that can take a lot of damage before breaking. I take very good care of my hair tough, despite what people (my family) might think. Things I do to keep my hair as healthy as possible (other than obvious things like conditioner and hair masks when I wash it) is:

1. When I colour in bright colours, like this pink I have now, I make a mix that is about 75% conditioner and 25% dye. Sometimes maybe an ever larger percentage of conditioner. It's so little dye in the mix, that it's practically just like using just conditioner, and it doesn't tear on my hair that much. This only works if you use a darker dye though. If you use a light one, it won't stay with that much conditioner. So I always pick a darker shade when I buy it, than what I really want, and blend it out.

2. HEAT PROTECTION HEAT PROTECTION HEAT PROTECTION. Always, for everything you do. Flatening iron, curling iron and blow dryer.

3. Moroccan oil. Bought a small bottle from Proffs and H&M for my bleached hair, and I was surprised by how well it worked. It may make your hair look a bit greasy if you're not careful, but it makes it very soft.

4. I try to not sleep with my hair down. It makes it ruffled and frizzy and I hardly dare touching it with any styling tool without combing it trough with water first. I do that a lot too, rather than flatening it. Don't know whether it's good or bad though.

And here's the deal. Don't do what I did to your hair, and bleach it from dark to light in one go, if you want it to be healthy. Because it won't be. I'm not afraid for my hair, and yet my hair is very healthy compared to what it could be. My dark hair is still just fine. But if you're fearless, like me, don't be afraid to take chances. Like I said in my previous post: it's hair, cut it of and it will grow back.


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