For Lovers Only

This film has left me feeling weirdly offended. It's so beautiful that I feel bad about it. I haven't felt this off about a film since I watched Sin City and woke up the next day not remembering what was real or the film or a dream. Though this is nothing like Sin City. It's a simply story about romance and love. I watched 40 minutes of it the other day, then I had to stop because I couldn't handle it. It wasn't that sad, I wasn't crying, and nothing really dramatic happened. I just felt so weird about it. Anyway, I finished it this afternoon, after a break of about 40 hours. I can't explain what it is about it, but it messed with my head. It was gorgeously shot (in b/w), so you should probably watch it, for that if not anything else. I can't promise it will mess you up like it did me, but hey, it's alright still. And it deserved to be blogged about, since it's been taking up so much space in my head recently.


You had no pulse, you were dead!

I am so in love with this woman. She makes the best vampire ever (take that Twilight, and I mean it)! This is from The Librarian 3: The Curse of the Judas Chalice. Now you think: wtf the Librarian? Yeah, so did I, but it's hilarious. Okay, well, I dunno about the other two, I only decided to see this because of Stana Katic. But anyway, she's a vampire and has a french accent and that's good enough for me. So I watched it, prepared for it to suck, but I really laughed a lot. It's like an Indiana Jones movie or something, but super silly, in the good way. I sort of wish there was more of it, which Stana is in also (she's only in this one), because she was the best part, easily!


Out of Means

Fashion credits: Vintage cap, Cubus leather west, H&M dress, Bikbok socks, DinSko heels, necklace I don't know.

These shoes, man, you wouldn't believe how easy they are to walk in. Only one slight problem: they're one size to small. I mean, they fit, but I've got pretty wide feet, so it's not very comfortable. I'm sure they would stretched if I used them lots, but I can't really be bothered with doing it. Love them to bits tough!

I've got serious hair issues atm ("serious"). Washed out blue=blah. I think it looks a bit trashy, in the wrong way. I want to colour it in a light brown, but I can't seem to find a shade that I like. I was both at H&M and Kicks yesterday, and didn't find anything I liked. I need to get to a well-storted grocery store some day soon, because Sara graduates in nine days and it can't look like this by then. Besides, it doesn't match my dress. My other issue, is that I need to get my roots done properly. PROPERLY. And I can't do that myself, because I'll just mess up the back of my head. But no one will help me do it!My sisters are never home, and no offence, but they're no good with hair-stuff. None of my friends are much either, and won't travel all the way to fucking Narnia to help me out. First World Fucking Problems.

Tomorrow is my last day of school, and I will have finished my first year of the program. Only two more years and I'll have my Bachelor's Degree! Boo-Yah!


We're going up

Fashion credits: Lace dress by me, shoes. Rest I don't know.



Sweden took home the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with Loreen's Euphoria. And we fucking deserved to. Loreen is THE best. I have adored her since last year, when she didn't even make it to the Swedish final, even though her song was better then. She totally deserved me sitting up 'til 2 AM, gifing her performance.


Serious Face

Fashion credits: H&M sunglasses, crop top/sport bra whatever I don't know it's comfortable, Gina Tricot skirt, Jeffrey Campbell heels.

I felt like I was only doing serious and angry/sad faces in all my photos so I figured I'd do something where I'm actually and properly smiling. I know I'm all dark and difficult in my photos and in the way I dress (most of the time anyway), and I'm shy, awkward and not very outgoing in real life. But despite all of this I'm really a very silly, happy and optimistic person. I am confident in myself, and I like my life. I don't want to change. Almost everything I am, I am by my own choice and for no one's sake other than my own. And I pity people who can't be themselves, for whatever reason it might be.

This was so not where I was going with this post, but there you are. Usually when I write stuff like this, I end up not posting it, but I'll let it pass for this one time, 'cause it's not really that deep shit. Just some basics about how I look upon (my) life. My actual point with this post is: Here's a picture when I smile (and two others with that pouty lip thing that I automatically do when I relax my face.).

Btw, this is what my hair looks like completely unstyled, only combed with water and air dried. No products, no nothing. I've got THE BEST hair type for a straight fringe, it just does it by itself. Blue is a bit washed out, I don't like it, but I don't know what to do about it (first time ever). I haven't decided if I'm going back to all dark brown, or if I'm doing something else yet. I need to go to a store and hair colour reasearch asap.


just cause

Fashion credits: H&M long top, vintage skirt, vintage belt, Gina Tricot necklace Jeffrey Campbell/Nasty Gal heels, yukata from Tokyo.

I wish I had a black yukata, that was a bit smaller than this. It would be so cool. I have two more like this one, one pink and one blue, that my dad bought when he was in Tokyo. He used to travel there all the time (and I really mean ALL THE TIME) about two years ago, but not anymore, unfortunaty (for me, lol, I'm pretty sure he's a bit tired of it).

Aaanyway. It's funny how I forget how extremely comfortable my Litas are between the times that I wear them. It's insane. They are even more comfy than some of my flats...




I don't fucking care if you like it

Fashion credits: Vintage velvet Maxi dress, vintage belt, Topshop head piece, Weekday boots.

I've wanted this hair style for ages, I'm glad I finally got it!



So. Last night was Green Room night. Between 17.00 and 01.00, me and my class were hosting a club/concert at Debaser in Malmö. Five bands/artists played. Naturally, I ended up being the one taking photos. These are of Death in the Afternoon and Mud Walk. I've got plenty more, that I might post another day.

The girl in the second photo (from Death in the Afternoon) had such awesome hair, and I was so inspired that I cut back my fringe earlier today. I regret nothing. I have been thinking about it for ages, so it wasn't really as impulisve as it sound. I'll show you pictures later!


Comment reply - Video problems

Translation: Video doesn't work due to rights violation.

If this is happening to you, then I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. The video works for me and for everyone on facebook as far as I am aware, so I really don't know why it doesn't for you. You can try to visit my youtube channel (link's somewhere in the sidebar) and see if you it works for you there, if you really wanna watch it. But I do promise you that you're not missing out on anything big, and it's not really relevant unless you happen to be in Malmö tomorrow.


Green Room pt.2



Okay, you got me, I admit. I'm head over heels for Stana Katic. I mean look at her face, how can you say no to that? And naturally it doesn't make the situation worse that Castle is a brilliant crime drama. And that cute little Firefly refereces pop up here and there, due to Nathan Fillion. I've been haste-watching (best translation of "hetskolla" that I can think of, which is what I've been calling what I'm doing when people ask me what I've been up to during my free time lately) it for the past two weeks, and I think I'll manage to watch all available episodes before the actual two-week line (22/5, I started watching it on 8/5). Four seasons (82 episodes) in two weeks. That's something. I've got some serious issues. But I'm not even bothered. I regret nothing. I've got three days and nine episodes left. Child's play.


Green Room pt.1




Machine Guns

Vintage denim vest, military jacket from random shop in Paris, vintage velvet maxi dress, JC cuffs, necklaces from Topshop, Gina Tricot, Ebay and DIY, vintage mini backpack, Cheapo shoes.

Got the dress and the cuffs yesterday. I'm a sucker for velvet, in case you haven't noticed. Velvet and lace. The cuffs were on sale. I've been wanting them forever, but always thought they were too expensive, and now I'm glad I waited because I ended up getting them for only 20 SEK each. I need to get hold of more bronze jewelry, it's gorgeous.

And I have to say that I'm really loving my blue hair. The shade is perfect.

Sorry about not updating yesterday, I was going to, but I ended up sitting on a café with Malvina, and later also our other classmate Kersti, for hours, and I wasn't home until after 23.00. By then I was far to tired. But I have another video for you, that is sort of a commercial for our club/concert night next tuesday. I'll post it later or tomorrow!


Ordinary day.

Goof video from today. All is subtitled in English, partly because we speak mostly Swedish, and partly because it's sometimes hard to hear what is said. I'll probably post the "serious" film when it's finished as well.



Monday again, and another day of working on our project. Only a week and a day until it's time for Green Room @ Debaser. If you're in Malmö or nearby you really should come, because we've put so much work into this (despite what the work in this photo might suggest), that it'd be awful if there's not many people there. The bands/artists that are going to play are Isak Strand, Death in the Afternoon, Mud Walk, To All My Friends and According to Jon. 22/5. Be there or be square.

We finished the second backdrop today, and we made a film of when we put it together. I'm gonna post is as soon as it's been edited. Tomorrow we're filming for projections that will be on some of the walls. Some of the people in my group are coming home with me to film in the woods where I live. Yes, I live by a forest, in case you didn't know.

And yes, in school we were cloaks of crushed velvet. Really. We do.



Fashion credits: Vintage denim jacket, Gina Tricot leotard, vintage assymetric skirt, Indiska necklace, Jeffrey Campbell boots.

So. I dyed my hair blue. It didn't turn out quite as I wanted it to, but I'm very pleased nontheless. The pink was all wached out and I really do not like having blonde hair. Even when I was all blonde, for all those years, it didn't quite feel right. Colouring it dark is one of the best things I've ever done. The only thing I miss about having light hair is the ability to dye it in any colour I like. It's the only reason I've kept my dip-dye even for this long. I hope this blue colour last long because I really like it! I feel like a mermaid (dunno why), thereof the post title. The shade is Midnight Blue from Directions.


Brave New World

Despite alreadly knowing what would happen, due to Fringe's amazing ways of spoiling itself, I was totally freaked out by the end of the season finale. You have no idea. There's too much emotion. And also, it was by far the grossest episode ever. I mean, I'm not that bothered by blood and stuff, usually, and I'm very rarely grossed out by Fringe, but some of the stuff in this ep was just EEEWW. That thing with Jessica in the chair with the eyes is gonna give me nightmares.

Note that my blog is not spoiler free. Ever. When I write about shows I watched I don't really care whether I might spoil it for anyone. If I ever do, you only have yourself to blame for going on the internet.

Sorry, I can't hear you over HOW TOGETHER AND STUFF MY OTP IS.



I still don't have any new proper photos for you (if you don't count the first of these, because it was taken today), so here's some that was on my phone. Reason for this is actually the first picture. Almost, anyway. I know I told you my classmates and I are having a club/concert evening at Debaser (a pretty well-known club) in Malmö on May 22nd. I'm in the art direction group (in lack of better name), and my group within this group (it's a group in a group in a group), are working on two backdrops for the two stages at Debaser. We finished the first one yesterday and are about half way through the second. We spend our days cutting, stitching and glueing fabrics, and sometimes wrap ourselves in them, like Hillevi (my nemesis) in the picture. This means I'm a bit limited in what I can wear to school, I don't want to ruin my clothes. So it's mostly jeans and t-shirt and hair in a ponytail. No fun to post.

The last photo is from Tina Fey's book Bossypants. I've been working my way though it, slowly, but not because it's bad, the opposite indeed, but because I'm to lazy to read these days. It's much easier to just watch TV-shows (30 Rock, for example *hinthint*). I think ms Fey would find that a legimate excuse. Anyway, my point is, that the book is great. I absolutely love it. It's fun and honest, and she's being truthful without being depressing/dream-crushing (is that a word?), and that's something that's seriously hard to get these days. Usually people are either sugarcoating the world, or telling you how much it sucks and we should all just kill ourselves. Bossypants is somehow telling you all the bad stuff about different things, but it also makes you remember the good stuff that are the real the reason behind them. And did I mention it's hilarious. I almost laughed out loud on the bus home today, like a crazy person.


All my life I've tried to fight what history has given me

I have no new pictures, so you're getting old webcam photos instead.

I've started to look into scholarships and stuff for my plan to apply to London Collage of Fashion. I NEED a scholarship to be able to attend, but if I get that, and pass all of the other tests that are required, I think my chances of getting in are pretty good. I'm applying for Fashion photography, in case you didn't know. Because at the end of the line, the fashion industry is where I really wanna be. I know what my talents are, and I think that is where I belong. But it's still a long way away. I don't really want to go to art school, because I don't believe you can be taught how to be an artist. It's something you just are, if you have it in you. But being a fashion photographer is different. Being a photographer alltogether is different, but with fashion it requires a special skill. ANYWAY. I didn't set out to write about this when I started on this post, but there we go. I'm stopping now. Few things I don't really want to write about here are political/moral opinions, my life choices and private/personal matters. But there's some of all of that for you to enjoy.

I'm gonna return to watching Castle now. It's a crime drama from 2009 that I started watching last night. I've watched all of season 1 in about 24h. It's really great, for an American show........ BYE.


Space Haze

Yesterday's outfit with space theme. I love space. Cheap Monday/DIY Shorts, JC t-shirt, New Yorker hoodie, Lindex sunglasses and H&M Star Wars cap.



I haven't had, not will I have, pizza today, despite what the title of this post may suggest. Not that I would have said, nor will say no to a pizza at any point of this day, of course. No, the title is simply because I had no better idea and this image's file name was pizza, because of the one Liz/Tina is eating in it.

I have other pictures, but I'm to tired and in to much pain from taekwondo practice that I will not engage in editing them tonight. Plus that it's almost 22.00 and I still have not had dinner (where the previously mentioned pizza would have been nice).

I finish this post without a point by stating that if there is a religion where Tina Fey is God then I will convert to it. And I keep failing to making the letter i capital when writing I. It's really time for food. Night.


In the Valley

Fashion credits: Bikok dress, River Island socks, H&M heels, New Look necklace, Buttericks wig.

In the Valley of the Dolls, we sleep
Got a hole inside of me
Living with identities
that do not belong to me

Valley of the Dolls - Marina & the Diamonds


I want blood, guts and angel cake, I'm gonna puke it anyway

Fashion credits: H&M sunglasses, Second hand (tradera) velvet dress, mum's old cardigan, DIY/vintage necklaces, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots.


30 Rock

I generally don't like comedy shows very much. Because it's only funny if you can relate to it, and I can't to most. But 30 Rock. My beloved 30 Rock. I love it so much. I've watched ALL episodes in a row this past winter, on Tenerife, and now I wait for new ones every week, while I'm currently re-watching everything as well. I'm a bit freaked out about it now, and it's so little left of season 6, I don't know what I'm gonna do!


Teen Idle

I know I'm not really a teen anymore, but it's a song, and it's about wanting to be a teen again, so I think it's alright. Marina & the Diamonds new album, Electra Heart, you should check it out!

Tha pink iz back. Finally. I've been planning it for weeks. Per usual, it's probably not gonna last long. This time I used Directions Caranation Pink, which is much lighter than the one I used last time, so I ended up using pretty much the whole can. My plan is to colour everything dark blue next time. Though I'm having problems whether I should go with Directions Atlantic or midnight. I don't think they differ that much in shade, only in darkness. Which means i probably should get midnight blue and blend it out... I've never had all blue hair before! Mostly because it's hell to get it washed out, but since my long term plan is to go back to all brown/black hair again soon, it'll work out. Exciting, huh? I'm super excited! I love hair stuff!

I'm of to school in fifteen minutes. We have a presentation today, and then a meeting about a poster. In case I haven't said, we (my class and I) are having a club at Debaser in Malmö on May 22. You should all come, if you're nearby at the time, it's gonna be pretty awesome, I think. The club is called Green Room.

Anyway, I gotta hurry now, cheerio!


Thou shalt have no other gods before Chanel

Fashion credits: dresses from Monki and New Look.