Death by Death

Outfit credits: New Look/DIY jacket, H&M sweater and leggings, Gina Tricot long top/dress and scarf, Topshop bag, Jeffrey Campbell/ boots.
I look awfully happy (or maybe more like caught by surprise) in this photo considering I'm NOT. I've been home sick from school for the past two days, since my head felt like it was imploding. But yesterday afternoon I headed into town anyways, because, you know, a girl's gotta eat (I was out of milk). And now it seems I'm getting punished for skipping school but still going shopping, because today my face decided it hates me, my skin is cracking up again and my eyes have swelled up. AGAIN. So now I have like 1000kg of moisturizer on, and am trying desperatly not to poke myself in the eye so I start crying again.
Anyway. My tattoo is pretty much healed. At least my arm is not swollen anymore, and it doen't hurt when I touch it. I'm gonna take pictures of it for you soon. I'm just gonna dye my roots first and, you know, let the swelling around my eyes go away. So maybe tomorrow, if I find the willpower to take care of my roots today.
Now I'm gonna continue feeling sorry for myself and finish what I have left of Rizzoli and Isles (three episodes, lucky me that it's returning on the 27:th). Cheerio!


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