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Outfit credits: msdressy.com dress, Nelly.com heels.
If you know me irl, or have been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm a sucker for "princess dresses". The fact that I never had a prom or anything to go to never stopped me from getting them. This beauty I got specially made for me from msdressy.com. They got all my measuremments, and I could choose from lots and lots of colours (and still I picked black), and sewed it up for me. I was so nervous when I tried it on! I never had a dress this fancy that wasn't a vintage bargain. But it fits perfectly (which wasn't really a surprise) and the quality is amazing! Now I need to find a prom to go to so I can wear it out!


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Postat av: milex

I am so impressed with everything here!

Svar: Thank you! :D
Malin Z

2012-11-09 @ 20:44:03 URL: http://majleks.blogspot.com
Postat av: jana

Wow you look beautiful! And I really like your blog, follow you now <3

Svar: Thank you! I really appreciate it! <3
Malin Z

2012-11-11 @ 21:16:49 URL: http://mypeaceofcake.blogspot.com
Postat av: hejny

amen gud så snygg klänning!!!!!!!!!!! hur sjutton hittade du den, letade&letade men fann icke den :( :( :( :( :( så himla fin blogg, måste säga det igen!! :)))

Svar: Tack så mycket! :DD här är dessutom en länk till klänningen: http://www.msdressy.com/empire-floorlength-sweetheart-chiffon-evening-dress-with-beading-p-2341.html
Malin Z

2012-11-19 @ 22:57:54
Postat av: babylovesfashion

love it! so you!

Giveaway on my blog!

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