Nelly Trend Spiked Loafers

I got these babies a while ago, on sale at I'd been dying for a pair of spiked loafers for months, but I really didn't want to pay lots of money for a pair of flats that are just that: flat. I have problems with my feet as it is, and who wants to pay like way over $100 just to be in pain? I've done that mistake once already (although my JC Tardys are still my babies and I'm never getting rid of them).
Anywa-hay, I payed 250 SEK for the black ones and 50 SEK (after a 100 SEK extra discount) for the yellow ones. I got the black ones first, and what I really wanted was a pair of flat shoes that I could just put on really fast for when I'm in a hurry, with no laces or straps, but that are still a statement shoe that's pretty badass. Spiked loafers are the ultimate shoe for this, in my opinion. What shoes I wear is incredibly important to me. It's also what I look at first when I evaluate someone else's style. Choice of shoes tells you SO much. So I want people to look at my shoes and see what I want them to see, even if I had a rough morning and didn't have time to put on a super sassy outfit, do my hair, or lace up my JC boots.
When I was contemplating getting these, I googled for reviews of them, because I was unsure about the size and what they would look like on me. I couldn't find any that answered the questions I had, but I got them anyways, and they were great. But I figured I'd now do a post where I write about the questions I had.
I have a fairly high arch, so if a pair of shoes without a strap that are open like this are the least too big for me, they fall off. And since I'm between two sizes (36-37), usually depending on the model of the shoe, it's always hard to know which to pick if I can't try them on somehow. When I'm unsure I usually go for 37, and I did this time as well. They fit me very well, but now that they've stretched a bit, I can quite easily flip them on and off my heel. They don't fall off when I walk, though. They were very stiff when I got them, and I was afraid that it was gonna be very painful to break them in, but it wasn't. It only took a few hours and I got no blisters whatsoever. Though, it was to be said that these shoes are REALLY flat, so it you have problems with that, then maybe these aren't for you.
I've got weirdly shaped feet, and I'd say that if a shoe looks good on me, viewed from above, then they probably look good on anyone. And these look fairly good on me, so I'd say it's a pretty safe bet for most of you. Unless your feet are more weird than mine.
The quality is pretty good. The sole is a bit thin, so if you wear them a lot lot lot, you're probably gonna need to re-heel them eventually. And I have to tell you, I did kick one spike off, the first thing I did when I got them (it was in a "good place" so you can't really tell), and there's no way to re-attach it, nor any extra spikes. But since then, I've accidently kicked a lot of things (and people, I'm sorry!), but no more has fallen off. So I think I just had really bad luck that first time.
I think that's pretty much it. Here's a link to the black ones, and the yellow ones. If you're unsure about the actual shade of the yellow ones, then the shade they have on my picture is pretty accurate. They look a bit warmer in the shade on the website, but they are very neon/a tiny bit greenish. Also, the loafer are available in lots of more colours, like blue, pink, tan and stuff.
(I should be writing a whole other kind of review for school, but instead I'm doing this. I lead a life of questionable priorities.)


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