Pearls and Diamonds

Outfit credits: Bikbok coat and pants, H&M shirt, Converse sneakers.
Yesterday was Matching Outfit Friday. We forgot to take pictures, but the theme was black and white. Really it was supposed to be just black with white details, so that I could finally wear my Balmain-inspired pants (aren't they just the LOVELIEST?), but then I got this coat the other day and I had to wear that too. So yeah.
I'm going to a belated Halloween party tonight. RIght now I'm wondering why the hell I agreed to it. But I already invested in a costume so I have to go. I'm gonna be Little Red Riding Hood (too continue my fairy tale theme). I'll try taking some pics for you, but I'm going to Malvina later to get ready, so it'll probably just be iphone photos. 
Ans speaking of which: remember I said my iphone broke? It came back to life around 24h later, so everything is fine again!
Now I have to continue doing nothing for a few hours. Cheerio!


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