Picture Diary / 20 - 29 November / Deprivation

1. Ma babey <3
2. I've got the tackiest slippers.
3. 8/92 days left!
4. I like bleach, it's fun.
5. It was a good hair/make up/outfit day. Too bad it was a sunday and I wasn't doing anything.
6. Kristoffer in his fancy hat! (Through a window, obviously. Hillevi and I were stading indoors, because it was fucking freezing.)
7. Fancy pants.
8. GrandMa on PC. For some reason I'm in charge of it in our current project, although I don't really know what I'm doing most of the time. I can barely manouver neither GrandMa (which is a light control table you use when doing stuff like concerts and shows) nor a PC. Makin' it work though, because I have a talent for computer programs. A very useful talent, actually (also the reason I'm a photoshop ninja).


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kan du inte lägga ut mer om musik du lyssnar på :P vet inte om du har lastfm :P

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