Picture Diary / 4-12 November / The Looking Glass

1. The school project that nearly killed us all. I'm gonna bost better pictures of it someday, but we built a apartment in full scale out of paper. So the walls you see (behind and around Hillevi, as she was going stuff wrong) are litterally paper thin.
2. There was a rainbow. End of story.
3. My face. End of story.
4. Magic Monday 'cause I always watch Once Upon a Time on Mondays. H&M knows the deal.
5. Cheesecake. End of story.
6. We went to the museum for school. I took no photos of the exhibition we were supposed to work with, but loads of creepy dolls, dollhouses and this weird eyeballs that we found in an exhibition that we still don't know what it was for. There were no signs or anything telling us it's subject or purpose. It was dead cool anyways. It had a (not real) Gorilla in a cage. And eyeballs, obviously.
7. Since my life goal is to become a badass evil queen, when I saw this make-up kit from Elf, I knew I needed it my life. They don't sell it in Sweden (naturally), but luckily I found it on Ebay to a more than reasonable price, so now it's mine. Yayus.


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Vilket museum? :):)

Svar: Malmö museum! :D
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