Racy day, help me through the hopeless haze

I'm sorry for not blogging the past few days, you guys. I hate it when I negelect my blog, but we've had this crazy project in school, and I've spent pretty much all day, every day in school (including the weekend) to work on it. I feel like shit at the moment, and a bit sleep deprived for real. And on top of that my iPhone broke last night, so I'm stuck with this tiny old mobile for a while. And this is a bloody awful picture. No commitment whatsoever.
But by Thursday we'll be all done and I'll be back to business, with some new fun stuff to show you!
 And btw, new spiked headband from eBay! I have one in gold too, they're super badass. I'm so into spikes right now, as you may have noticed.
Gotta go now! Hope you're all well, my dearies! <3


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