Snow White and the Poisoned Apple

Outfit credits: DIY headband, vintage dress.
Now wouldn't Regina just LOVE this photo? This was my first and original idea for a costume. Dead Snow White. Because I am, as you very well know by now, ever the Evil Queen fan, but I didn't have time or money for an outfit worthy of such awesomeness. So I killed her worst enemy, as a tribute, instead.
I love playing dead, and I love how it looks on photos, but it's fucking hard, you guys! Have you ever tried? You should, and you'll know what I mean!
I didn't film anything from this look because I was too lazy. But I'll just tell you that the trick to looking dead is shitloads of purple eyeshadow around the eyes and a greyish face in general.
Gotta go shower paint and make-up from my body, and grease and products from my hair, now. Cheerio!


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