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Outfit cedits: Vintage jacket, New Look dress, home knitted scarf, eBay creepers, sunglasses from London souvenir shop.
I have actually taken outfit photos for you several times this week, when I had transferred them to the computer the other day I noticed that they were all, like, black. I had forgotten to change back the settings from the taekwondo competiton I was at last weekend, from a really fast shutter speed, to half automatic, which is my standard setting for when I take outfit photos. And naturally it was not light enough in my living room for such high shutter speed. First world problemz.
I'm in a very annoying place with my real hair right now. It's not short enough to be cool and edgy anymore, but not long enough to actually be long. It's that inbetween period which is just weird. And on top of that I have terrible roots and no money to buy dye.
I'm really feeling how the post title doesn't fit the post content. It's actually refering to the fact that I plan on watching Aladdin 2 (the return of Jafar) later, after the new 30Rock episode. I'm so into the old Disney movies at the moment, in case you haven't noticed. I plan on being pretty much all Disney princesses for halloween, even though I'm highly likely to NOT attend any parties whatsoever. But that's just how I roll. I wanna dress up as dead Snow White, dead Belle and (regular) Pocahontas at the very least. Just for the sake of it. I wanna be the Evil Queen too, but I doubt I can afford to put together a badass enough costume for that. 'Cause nothing less than Lana Parrilla-style will do. Obviously.
ANYHOOOOW, I wasn't even gonna tell you about that. This whole post is pretty much freestyled together. That's what happens when I don't have anything of real importance to tell you. I just go with the flow and then it usually gets out of hand. Gonna watch these things I said earlier now. I hope you guys are having a good night or whatever, cheerio!


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