And the parties over

Outfit credits: H&M jacket, Cassels scarf, eBay distressed sweater and creepers, Dr Denim jeans, Topshop bag.
Yesterday's outfit. Sunglasses to cover my puffy eyes. Creepers was an extremely bad idea. I walked around in them for ten hours, shopping, and when I came home my feet ached so bad I couldn't even walk barefoot. I had to put fluffy socks on. But at least I looked fabulous. Although, unfortunatly my hair didn't stay quite this fabulous throughout the day.
And I finally bought myself a proper black lipstick. I found one at the new mall (Emporia). It's called Dawn and it's from Make Up Store (you find it at Kicks on Emporia). I got it 20% off too, so it was pretty great. I'll tell you what I think about it when I have had time to try it out some more (I have it on now!).


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