I've been in school for nine hours today, working on the project we're doing for class now. I've had my hands full and it completely slipped my mind to document the stuff we did. I'll take some pictures tomorrow so I can show you guys. We're doing a scenography concept for The Dance of Death by August Strindberg (sounds like an awesome play, I know, but it's really not), and building a model in scale 1:25. It's lots of fun, but lots of tiny details that need tp be perfect, or our teachers will complain. So, hard work. It's turning out pretty great though. As I said, I'll try and show you some stuff tomorrow.
And in the first picture you can see my Belle-dress. Awesome, right? It's faith I found it.
Gonna watch some Doctor Who series 2 now, then go sleeeeeep. Night!


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