Day XXV - Shoes you love but hardly wear

It's not them, it's me. Really. They're comfortable and easy to walk in, but they absolutely KILL my feet after a very short while. It's because my feet are weird, not the shoes. In the begining it was no problem, but the pain I get has gotten a lot worse lately. Most shoes kill my feet after a while these days, but these are the worst. I literally can't walk after a couple of hours. I know this because I wore them to school once for a whole day and at the end of it I wanted to chop my feet of so the pain would go away. I think it's because of the all-wood heel and platform that makes it harder for the shoe to form after my feet in the area where it hurts. If I were a sane person I'd sell them, since I won't be able to use them much unless I have surgery again, but I love them SO much. They were my first JC's and I've loved them dearly since the first time I ever even saw a picture of them. They are my own personal heartbreakers.
I don't know if I've written about this, but the problem I have with my feet is that I have Hallux Valgus. Now, this is very common, and as I understand it it doesn't hurt for all people. At least not much and not until you're older. It's treatable through surgery. I started feeling pain when I was 15, and had surgery on both of my feet, right one in '07 and left in '09. The pain went away completely a while after this, but for the past six months it's been coming back in my left foot. I'm really dreading having another surgery, because I still have serious scarring from the first times and just the thought about them cutting it open again creeps me out. And I'm not even sensitive to that shit. Besides, it's only been three years since last time? How much doesn't that suck? I can't go through life having my feet cut open and bone sawn into every three to five years? Which means I have to live with the pain and not be able to wear my favourite shoes longer than a few hours. It's a bummer, but what can you do? First world problems and all that.
But guys, if you have what I have and if you're in pain because of it: have surgery. If you're lucky it goes away the first time and it'll never bother you again. Those three pain free years totally made it worth it!


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men OM du ska sälja dem så är jag intresserad, så bara hör av dig om du nu är villig att ta det steget HE HE :D

Svar: hahaha not my babieeees <3
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