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Selling some of my shoes that I never use (all the ones in the picture above) on my tradera page, so I can afford some new ones. Among these are my Jeffrey Campbell Everest copies (no longer available), my DIY space wedges and my Dr Martens. I only ship within Sweden via my tradera, but if you're from someplace else and are interested in any of them and you pay the price of the auction or more, then contact me before November 4th, and I might be able to cancel the auction and sell them to you. But it HAS to be BEFORE November fourth, Swedish time. Tradera is in Swedish, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out sizes and stuff even if you speak another language, via google translate or something.
Link to my tradera page!
Link to my tradera page!
Link to my tradera page!


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Postat av: pernilla

MALIN!! jag vill köpa everestkopiorna! kan du inte spara dem till mig tills ja kommer hem?? snälla rara. är 100% på att ja vill köpa dem :)

Svar: Yes, they're yours! :D
Malin Z

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