Off with her head

Outfit credits: Vintage leather jacket, Monki shirt, Dr Denim jeans, Jeffrey Campbell/ boots, Topshop bag. 
Vintage over-sized jackets seems to be my thing at the moment. And yes, I do wear my 8th Street boots pretty much every day still. They are, along with the backpack and apparently an oversized jacket/coat, my staples this fall.
It looks like I'm sleep deprived or have been punched in the face in all photos these days so... I don't know what the deal is. I take pictures without make up all the time. But the moisurizer, as I said before, makes me look all puffy in photos. And if I don't use it my face hurts. I can't win this battle.
BUT SOME GOOD NEWS: I'm gonna see THE KILLERS at Malmö Arena in March next year. If you have been around for a while you know that the Killers are about equal to Lady Gaga to me. I LOVE them. They were everything to me before I discovered Gaga, and I was pretty obsessed about them. I've seen them live once before in 2009, at the Hultsfred Festival. I don't like festivals in general, it's not really my scene, and I only went that one time because I REALLY wanted to see the Killers. I'm pretty sure they haven't been to Sweden since then, except for maybe just Brandon Flowers when he did his solo album (which I also love). I am super psyched about this and I fear I might have ruined my hearing a little more by listening to some old favourite songs to loudly in my headphones on the bus ride home. I've come to the conclusion that Read My Mind is my absolute favourite song of all, ever. Including all by Gaga.


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