Picture Diary / 18-25 October / The lights are gone

I live to fight another day, despite my fall-kinda-depression. I want to like fall, I really do, there's so many good things about it, but I'm always more sad during this time of year. Some days I cry for the lamest reasons. I feel so silly about it because things aren't actually worse this time of year than any other. I just don't seem to handle the cold and the darkness very well.
There pictures are just so random I'm gonna have to tell you what/when they're all from. So:
1. Long story short: I played Death in a theatre workshop in school, based on an idea Hillevi and Lotta had for their project. Later Hillevi drew Death in a mask for that project and I decided it was me. So basically it's a drawing of me as Death in a mask by Hillevi.
2. IKEA. My second home. I regret nothing.
3.Whisky has learned that if he climbs on the rood and comes to sit outside my window I have to let him in and he gets some extra food or sweets.
4. Walk in the dark with my two best friends 5-evah.
5. Same walk. Lovisa bought Ben & Jerrys despite it being freezing cold.
6. My mums jacket. Thank you for spending three months of your child support on it when you were a kid.
7. Pissed of because Regina has been in a total of 36 seconds of OUaT's past two episodes. So I made a chart, because I have no life.
8. Luxury lunch with Sara because it's payday.
9. Grand opening of Emporia. A huge brand new mall that has everything, including my favourite grocery stores, only 15 minutes (by buss) from where I live!
10. Fancy-pants grande from Bikbok.
Hey, I made nine, my lucky number!
(Okay, turns out I missed one originally, so ten, not nine.)


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näää du glömde beskrivning till emporiabilden! :D

Svar: Fuuuck, nu måste jag ju lägga till det! :P
Malin Z

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